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PETE SMITH SHOW "Sketches In Sound"



Sketches In Sound. Easy Listening music with DJ Pete Smith for AFRTS


Sketches In Sound. 
Easy Listening music with DJ Pete Smith for AFRTS episode from April 1982.

PERCY FAITH with Martin Block



Martin Block interviews famous easy listening music conductor Percy Faith on the National Guard public service transcription. But first we hear a "Summer Montage" with Faith's recordings of The Theme From A Summer Place, Summer Breeze and Summer of '42.



John Doremus (August 3, 1931 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma – July 6, 1995 in Naperville, Illinois) was an American radio personality, best known for his radio syndication of The Passing Parade and easy listening syndicated domestic radio series also heard on AFRTS.




James Ameche (August 6, 1915 in Kenosha, Wisconsin – February 4, 1983 in Tucson, Arizona) was a familiar voice on radio, including his role as radio's original Jack Armstrong, all American boy. This episode of his easy listening series for AFRTS leads of with a selection by the Cyril Stapleton Orchestra. 




In the 1980s Pete Smith was the voice of your easy favorites on AFRTS. Pete had worked at several radio stations in Los Angeles.




This episode includes a segment of music chosen for the Autumn season. John Doremus was born on August 3, 1931 in Sapulpa, Oklahoma and passed away on July 6, 1995 in Naperville, Illinois. Doremus was an American radio personality, best known for his radio syndication of The Passing Parade, a series of short stories of remarkable but relatively unknown episodes throughout history. His easy listening radio series was distributed to many stations including the AFRTS military radio network.

PETE SMITH SHOW "Sketches In Sound"



This episode of Pete Smith's easy listening Sketches In Sound aired in central Europe over AFRTS in December 1975. Pete Smith was part of the EZ listening tradition at AFRTS. He followed John Doremus, who followed Jim Ameche. He had quite a career in Los Angeles radio KNX; KDAY, 1956-58; KRKD, 1958-61; KNOB; KPOL; KMPC, 1961-88; KJQI/KOJY, 1993-95; KGIL, 1998. Pete was part of "Music of Your Life."

POPS CONCERT with Jim Ameche "The Continental"


For AFRTS Jim Ameche leads cff his program for the week of April 7, 1961 with The Continental.

John Doremus Show - AFRTS - 111 29-7

This episode has been published and can be heard everywhere your podcast is available. Doremus opens this hour long episode of beautiful music with "Do I Hear A Waltz" by The Percy Faith Orchestra.

POPS CONCERT with Jim Ameche



AFRTS Transcription March 31, 1961. Jim leads off with an original song by David Rose.

CONCERT CAMEO "Cecil Armstrong Gibbs"

Cecil Armstrong Gibbs (10 August 1889 – 12 May 1960) was a prolific and versatile English composer, though best known for his choral music and, in particular, songs. Gibbs also devoted much of his career to the amateur choral and festival movements in Britain. He attained a high level of popularity: his work "Dusk" was requested by Princess Elizabeth on her 18th birthday.

Remembering... The John Doremus Show

John Doremus, with a melodious-voice, was a disc jockey in Chicago for more than two decades, was known by many as "the nation's foremost beautiful music host." In addition to top-rated radio shows, he hosted "Patterns in Music" on NBC-TV in the 1960s. In 1964, he created the concept of airlines providing in-flight audio entertainment and his John Doremus Inc. supplied airlines with 14-channels of programming, individually tailored to their specific needs. A longtime resident of the John Hancock Building, he died in July 1995 in Community Convalescent Center in Naperville. Here is an aircheck of one of Doremus' beautiful music hours for AFRTS.

The Jim Ameche Show



Jim Ameche (August 6, 1915 – February 4, 1983) was an American radio actor who is most notable for his role as radio's original Jack Armstrong on Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy. Born James Amici in Kenosha, Wisconsin. When his elder brother, Don, left his position as the host and announcer for The Chase and Sanborn Hour in the early 1940s, Jim took over for the remainder of the show's run. He also was heard as mountie Jim West on ABC's Silver Eagle (1951–55). Other shows Ameche was heard on included Grand Hotel, Hollywood Playhouse, and Big Sister. In the 1940s, he had several programs on WGN radio in Chicago. He was heard on stations in Los Angeles and Palm Springs in the late 1950s and early 60s. For many years he was a popular local radio personality in the New York City area. By the late 1960s, he was working as an announcer on New York's WHN and the TV pitchman for a Longines Symphonette Society mail-order record album featuring clips of old-time radio broadcasts. In the 1960s he also read radio advertisements for Gibson wines. For many years, he was the afternoon announcer on WQXR, the classical radio station of The New York Times. He also recorded numerous radio programs featuring beautiful music many of which were transcribed for broadcast over Armed Forces Radio.---WIKIPEDIA

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(null null null)...Sometimes the cd i rip has no hidden information so the playlist indicates null or nothing to appear. These are primarily from cds i purchased here in Monterrey. Such as a five cd collection of 100 favorites released on a Mexican lable. I would not say they are pirate disks but probably purchased in bulk from a reputable manufacturer in USA. Many European lables too are purchased in bulk and released elsewhere with phony names of orchestras. Sometimes these cds have no coded information and aĺso appear as..nullification or nothing there. Collections that have many lost or forgotten selections we might not have ever heard again.

We provide the above from the beautiful community of San Pedro Garza Garcia in the metropolitan area of Monterrey, Mexico. You will find a link on the CONTENTS page to see more of our city.

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